TalkingBass Black Friday Deals 2023: Super Savings Galore

TalkingBass Black Friday Deals 2023

TalkingBass Black Friday Deals 2023

Hurry! TalkingBass Black Friday Deals 2023 Ending Soon on Dec 01!

I. Introduction

Embrace the opportunity this Black Friday to dive into the world of bass guitar with TalkingBass, a premier online platform renowned for its comprehensive bass courses. For over 15 years, TalkingBass has been a guiding light for bass enthusiasts globally, fostering easy and effective learning experiences. This Black Friday marks an exceptional occasion as they slash prices on their top-tier video courses, making high-quality education even more accessible.

Irrespective of your skill level – beginner seeking fundamental bass guitar skills or a seasoned player aiming for mastery – TalkingBass caters to your needs. Explore astounding offers on courses spanning diverse genres like slap bass, walking bass, sight reading, and more. This opportune moment beckons you to invest in honing your bass guitar prowess before these exclusive deals conclude on December 01, 2023. Don’t miss out on fortifying your musical journey this Black Friday!

TalkingBass Black Friday Deals 2023
TalkingBass Black Friday Deals 2023 Banner
CourseActual PriceSale Price
Beginner Bass Guitar Course$39.00$27.30
Bassic Fundamentals$85.00$59.50
Groove Trainer For Bass Guitar Volume 1$85.00$59.50
Groove Trainer For Bass Guitar Volume 2$69.00$48.30
Technique Builder For Bass$59.00$41.30
Simple Steps To Sight Reading Volume 1$79.00$55.30
Simple Steps To Sight Reading Volume 2$79.00$55.30
Simple Steps To Sight Reading Volume 3$79.00$55.30
Chord Tone Essentials$110.00$77.00
Scale Essentials$110.00$77.00
Simple Steps To Walking Bass$110.00$77.00
Ear Training For Bass Volume 1$59.00$41.30
Simple Steps To Slap Bass Volume 1$59.00$41.30
Simple Steps To Slap Bass Volume 2$59.00$41.30
Chords For Bass Guitar$110.00$77.00
Classics For Bass: Prelude in G Major (Cello Suite)$49.00$34.30
Classics For Bass: Prelude #1 in C Major$49.00$34.30
TalkingBass Black Friday Deals 2023 across All Courses

II. Course Information

TalkingBass offers bass courses for all skill levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced. Their step-by-step video lessons are easy to follow and comprehensive, covering everything from correct bass holding techniques to complex slap bass methods.

Here is an overview of the major course categories on offer:

  • Beginner Courses: Ideal for absolute bass newbies, covers basics like parts of the bass, tuning methods, fretboard navigation, fingerpicking vs pick playing, etc.
  • Technique Building: Focused on developing solid bass guitar technique including alternate picking, fretting hand flexibility, slap & pop, etc.
  • Groove Training: Teaches the fundamentals of groove playing including developing a tight rhythmic sense, dynamics, developing tasty basslines, etc.
  • Reading & Theory: Great for intermediate players looking to deepen their knowledge of written notation, modes, scales, chord construction and more.
  • Genre Specific: Specialized courses on styles like rock, funk, reggae, metal, jazz, and rhythm changes walking bass.

III. Title: Beginner Bass Guitar Course

  • Description: This 10-lesson course is perfect for beginners starting their bass journey. Learn all fundamental skills like correct bass holding, navigating the fretboard, tuning, basic fingerpicking and techniques, notes reading, simple riffs and practice methods. Over 2 hours of content.
  • Link:
  • Price:
    • Original Price: $39
    • Black Friday Sale Price: $27.30 (30% OFF)

IV. Title: Bassic Fundamentals Course

  • Description: This expansive course with over 10 hours of lessons is designed to provide a complete core foundation in bass playing skills and musical understanding. 48 video lessons spread across 4 modules cover fretboard mastery, reading notation & charts, bass guitar maintenance, effects, grooving, technique for both hands and music theory relevant to bassists.
  • Link:
  • Price:
    • Original Price: $85
    • Black Friday Sale Price: $59.50 (30% OFF)

V. Title: Groove Trainer For Bass Guitar (Complete Bundle)

  • Description: This massive bundle includes Groove Trainer Volumes 1 and 2 for over 20 hours of lessons focusing just on bass groove development. Over 120 original backing tracks with tab, notation and follow-along video lessons cover rhythm mastery, dynamics, technique for both hands, developing tasty bass lines, understanding harmony and more.
  • Link:
  • Price:
    • Original Price: $130
    • Black Friday Sale Price: $91 (30% OFF)

VI. Title: Simple Steps To Sight Reading (Complete Bundle)

  • Description: This mega 24+ hour course bundle includes Volumes 1, 2 and 3 of the acclaimed Simple Steps To Sight Reading courses. Over 200 reading-focused video lessons take you from learning the staff, note values and fingering through to advanced concepts like odd time signatures, 16th note rhythms and more. Backing tracks help students apply knowledge.
  • Link:
  • Price:
    • Original Price: $220
    • Black Friday Sale Price: $154 (30% OFF)

VII. Additional Offers and Bonuses

Besides the special discounted pricing, TalkingBass is also offering these limited period bonuses:

  • Free month’s lesson material on ALL course purchases
  • 10% additional discount on 2 or more courses
  • Special bonus video lessons exclusive for Black Friday sales
Bundle OfferActual PriceSale Price
Talkingbass Starter Pack (Beginner/Bassic Bundle)$110.00$77.00
Groove Trainer For Bass Guitar (Complete Bundle)$130.00$91.00
Simple Steps To Sight Reading (Complete Bundle)$220.00$154.00
Simple Steps To Slap Bass (Complete Bundle)$110.00$77.00
The Cyborg Bassist 1 & 2 Bundle (Ebook and Mini Course)$44.99$31.49
TalkingBass Black Friday Deals 2023: Incredible Bundle Offers Available

These special value-adds make this the best time ever to purchase TalkingBass course bundles like the Groove Trainer or Sight Reading Complete bundles.

VIII. Testimonials and Reviews

Here is what previous learners have to say about TalkingBass courses:

“I was a total beginner but the structured Started Pack helped me gain solid basic proficiency within weeks. Highly recommended even for newbies to bass guitar.” – Lucy M., New York

“The best thing is that unlike other sites everything is breaking into small easily digestible sections. I can take the course at my own pace without feeling overwhelmed.” – Diego T., Spain

“Awesome teacher who keeps everything simple. My bass playing has improved more in 6 months since starting these courses than the 3 years I tried learning from YouTube before.” – Swati S., India

On Trustpilot, TalkingBass courses boast a ‘Excellent’ rating of 4.9 out of 5 from over 1000 independent reviews.

Ebook & Mini CourseActual PriceSale Price
The Cyborg Bassist Volume 1 : Scale Mastery$24.99$17.49
The Cyborg Bassist Volume 2 – Minor Scale Mastery$24.99$17.49
Walk That Bass Volume 1$24.99$17.49
TalkingBass Black Friday Deals 2023 on eBooks

IX. Conclusion

If fast-tracked bass guitar mastery is your goal, grab these Black Friday exclusive offers on LearnBassNow courses before they expire.

With limited period discounts of 30% OFF, free bonus materials and additional savings in bundle deals, this is the best time to invest in quality video lessons that can transform your bass playing skills regardless of current level.

Visit the website and enroll now!

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